Invitational Padel Tournament

Welcome to the page dedicated to the Padel Strongers Social Club 2023 Tournament, an extraordinary event that united hearts, raised funds for a noble cause and celebrated passion for sport.

The spirit of the tournament

The goal of our club, which we feel we have also achieved with this tournament, is not only to encourage sports competition, but also to create an engaging experience that unites the Strongers community.

Solidarity was at the heart of every match, and every point scored helped support scientific research against lung cancer.

Participating teams

Before diving into the details, we present a preview of the teams, images that capture the enthusiasm with which each participant took part in our tournament.

Glimpses of play and passion on the pitch

Together we relive the exciting images that capture the intense action and heated competition on the field. Each photograph tells a story, thanks to the people who made this tournament an unforgettable experience.


The teams participating in the tournament showed a very high technical level.

The men’s tournament suffered from two last-minute defections caused by professional commitments and the Covid targeting a couple of teams.

The women showed once again that they are strong and have the right sense of competition.

Award ceremony

The long-awaited prize-giving ceremony was made possible thanks to the generous support of extraordinary partners who made our Padel tournament an unforgettable success.

A special applause to Latitude Zero – The Heart of Solidarity, whose significant contribution made it possible to realise this event with the aim of supporting scientific research against lung cancer.

A warm thank you to Alpaca, our technical sponsor, who provided the prestigious prizes for the first and second place finishers. Each winner received a unique award, presented with a symbolic cheque underlining the excellence of this victory.

Podere 676 – Craft Beer, Nature, Authenticity, contributed to the joy of all participants by providing a delicious case of beer as a prize for all teams that participated.

A heartfelt thank you to Zwan, our partner who ensured the set-up and photo/video coverage of the event. They captured every moment, immortalising the passion and excellence that permeated the tournament.

The following images testify to the joy, gratitude and celebration of unity that characterised the magical moment of the prize-giving, thanks to the invaluable intervention of the Rome Bar Association

Strongers Celebration

The final ceremony was moderated by journalist Mattia Iovane, who has seen Strongers born and grow.

The passionate speech by President Valerio Nicolai who told how the Strongers Social Club was born and what the plans are for the near future, together with the Scientific Commission, represented by the great Raffaele Giusti, oncologist doctor at the Sant’Andrea Hospital in Rome, a great athlete who engages in incredible sporting challenges.

Simone Cantarini, lawyer, representative for the event of the Rome Bar Association, who wanted to express the Order’s support for our initiative.

Partner and Sponsor