How do we fund scientific research

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Commission of Strongers Social Club, composed of leading medical oncology specialists and researchers, is responsible for drafting funding calls for research projects in the field of oncology, specifically for lung cancer.

We fund the research

The Scientific Committee is committed to funding lung cancer research. Starting in 2024, they will issue a call for proposals every year.

The Commission is preparing a call for proposals to select two research projects to be funded by the end of 2024.

All researchers who wish to propose a scientific research project in the field of oncology focused on lung cancer are eligible to participate in the competition.

A new hope

Despite the seriousness of the diagnosis, scientific research offers new hope for lung cancer patients. New therapies, such as inhibitors, immunotherapy, and molecularly targeted therapies, are showing promising results, improving patient survival and quality of life.

Early diagnosis is essential for improving the chances of successful treatment. For this reason, it is important to undergo regular screening, especially if you are a smoker or have other risk factors.