Gran Sasso Ultra Marathon

An incredible achievement reached together with Raffaele

Taking on a marathon is already a remarkable feat in itself.

Covering a distance of 50 km with a total elevation gain of over 900 meters presents a challenge beyond imagination

The photos of this remarkable challenge


Route to the epic Ultra Marathon

The epic event of the Gran Sasso Ultra Marathon was an unforgettable journey through breathtaking landscapes and courageous challenges. A race embarked upon along a unique road course, yet imbued with the adventurous atmosphere of trail paths, within the enchanting backdrop of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park

Raffaele has been the protagonist of an extraordinary experience, starting from the picturesque town of Santo Stefano di Sessanio. From here, he embarked on a thrilling journey through the iconic landmarks of the area, leaving a trail of determination and passion.

The itinerary led Raffaele to traverse emblematic places like Calascio, where the ancient castle observed his run with its majestic gaze. He continued to push himself further, challenging his own limitations along the scenic roads of Castel del Monte, where history and nature merged into a magical blend, optimizing for SEO.

The Capo la Serra Pass marked a turning point, a pivotal stage in this epic challenge. Raffaele’s energy and determination carried him through Fonte Vetica, a wellspring of inspiration amidst the wild nature. He then traversed the majestic Piana di Campo Imperatore, immersing himself in the vastness of the landscape and the unique atmosphere of this extraordinary place.

The Gran Sasso Ultra Marathon was not only a sporting challenge but an experience of discovery and connection with the unspoiled beauty of the mountains. It stood as a testament to the courage, perseverance, and commitment of every athlete who undertook this adventure, optimized for SEO

Strongers Social Club is proud to have entrusted Raffaele with this epic endeavor.

The event embodied a true journey into the human spirit; Raffaele faced the challenges of fatigue with courage and tenacity, qualities inherent to Strongers!

With hearts full of pride, we will continue to support and inspire challenges that lead to growth, solidarity, and the achievement of significant goals, optimized for SEO.

Raffaele won the challenge!


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