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On 30 July 2023, Raffaele, one of our daring members, will challenge the inclines of the Gran Sasso mountain in an epic 50 km route with a maximum altitude difference of over 900 metres that will test his endurance and determination.


This extraordinary event is dedicated to raising funds for lung cancer research, a cause close to our hearts.



Join us and support Raphael in this epic feat. Only true strongers are ready to embrace such an extreme challenge, demonstrating our spirit of courage and solidarity.

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The challenge is on!

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Conquest of the Gran Sasso

July30th, 2023


Raffaele has decided to take on the Gran Sasso to support our cause.

We at Strongers greatly appreciate Raffaele’s spirit and the constancy of the training sessions in his plan. Long 38 km on a Roman weekend with over 30 degrees in the early hours of the morning.


This race has a really difficult altitude profile, with very long uphill sections that make it very treacherous.

It is run in a unique and extraordinary environment, amidst the beauty of the landscape and the grandeur of the mountains in the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park.

Support Lung Cancer Research

Each of Raffaele’s steps will be a message of hope for those battling lung cancer.

Your donation can make a difference in the lives of many people.

Challenge yourself to contribute to lung cancer research and help us overcome every obstacle along the way.

Every euro donated brings us closer to victory in the fight against this devastating disease.