42 km and 195 metres to conquer Valencia!


On 3 December 2023 he will conquer Valencia for us!

The number 17520 represents Raphael’s bib number, allowing us to follow him on his mission.

On this occasion we would particularly like to thank Raffaele for two reasons that make us proud to have him in our team.

Raffaele has accustomed us to historic athletic feats. Beyond his achievements as an athlete, he is a medical oncologist dedicating his life to assisting hundreds of cancer patients with incredible empathy and professionalism.

Strongers owe a lot to Raffaele. Despite his demanding professional commitments that keep him occupied for hours, he consistently carves out time to train and prepare for our challenges.

Indeed, running a marathon is not just a physical challenge, but an emotional and mental journey, a journey full of hard work, sacrifice and moments of sheer determination, which Raffaele does not lack!

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The Valencia Marathon

Favourable climate: The race is held in December, offering a relatively mild climate compared to other marathons held during colder seasons.

Festive atmosphere: The city of Valencia warmly welcomes the participants and the numerous spectators along the route contribute to a festive atmosphere. The streets are often animated by bands and enthusiastic supporters.

World Records: The Valencia Marathon saw several world records set in the men’s and women’s categories. The fast nature of the course made the race attractive to elite athletes looking for extraordinary performances.

Fast and scenic route: The Valencia Marathon route is known to be very fast and flat, making it ideal for achieving personal best times. The race passes through some of Valencia’s main attractions, offering participants a panoramic view of the city.

High-quality organisation: The marathon is known for its excellent organisation. Refreshment stations are well distributed along the route, and the organisers provide facilities to facilitate the participation of runners from different parts of the world.

The course



Join us and support Raphael in this epic feat. Only true Strongers are ready to embrace such an extreme challenge, demonstrating our spirit of courage and solidarity.

The Conquest of Valencia

December 3rd 2023


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Every step Raphael takes becomes a message of hope for those facing lung cancer.

Your donation has the power to impact numerous lives.

Challenge yourself to support lung cancer research and join us in overcoming every obstacle in our path.

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